Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Project 5: Mustasches

For my fifth art assignment I again took inspiration from a homework assignment (mustache-inspired for sculpture class), a self-portrait with a mustache finger. Mrs Rossi gave me the idea to do multiple prints with different mustaches. I chose to do the prints in complementary colors. I started by making a large print and used watercolor 
But Mrs Rossi asked me to use acrylic instead and to make smaller prints. I took my original image and scanned it into the computer, I then shrunk it and outlined it onto tracing paper. I redid my practice in acrylic and got this:
I was pleased with the more vibrant colors and so I cut out 9 squares of paper (I wanted to make a square and groups of 3) and traced each one individually with the tracing paper. I then retraced with sharpie. I then painted each in 3 different color schemes (a separate 4th later) but ended up messing up 3 of them (you should always make extra sheets...) one of them I messed up by making her face green... Always check ALL of your color schemes BEFORE doing on your final >~<. Unfortunately... The darker colors completely whipped out my lines and I had to retrace with a sharpie marker which is REALLY hard to do cause it fades... But managed it pretty well. Here is the final:

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