Monday, October 7, 2013

Project 3: Memories, Dreams, and Fears

       For my third project I was a bit stuck. I had a lot of ideas down in my sketchbook but none of them seemed to interest me. This project actually started out with a homework assignment.
       I chose the theme "Memories, Dreams, and Fears" and made a work to represent my memories of being bullied as a child and my fear of my frizzy hair. The girl represents my fear and what I was bullied for, my frizzy hair (which had caused people to call me ugly among numerous other things). The strings that were holding her were words that represented what I was called and what I thought about myself; words like ugly, insecure, fat, etc. My teacher, Mrs Rossi, told me that I should do something with this idea, so I took it and ran with it.
       I Started out by drawing the girl a little bigger on a sheet of my notebook and then cutting her out. I practiced making words out of some silver wire that I had. I Then thought about making a border with faces that looked like they're laughing and drew it in my sketchbook.

          I had cut out the border in black poster-board paper and attached the girl and the wires, but I wasn't really happy with it. It could go farther. After talking with another art teacher, Mr. Sands, he suggested that we make a box or frame to put it in. He made me a box for it out of some spare wood (a crooked box...but better than I could do) and I painted it black. I then wrote out words in a cut out of white poster-board which spoke about bullying. I didn't really plan these words, just let my mind sort of barf them out. After gluing everything together with rubber cement, I asked my classmates to write words that they had been bullied with as a interactive part of my piece.

wait, never mind, more pictures!
 The girl
 The post-it notes
The crooked box

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