Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project 6: Layer it On

So my art 4 class is in the same room as the drawing class and they were doing collage using tissue papers and cut-outs from things like magazines. 
We were asked to participate in this too, creating a collage on two pages in our sketchbook. In art 2 I absolutely HATED our collage project, so I didn't think i would enjoy this side assignment very much but....
I ended up making something I really liked by using the tissue paper. When wetted the tissue paper leaves color on the surface of the paper or magazine, it leaves a really cool effect. So I made another collage that fit perfectly into one of the topics we could use, layer it on.

So I started out by making a mistake: choosing a bigish piece of paper which makes it really hard to cover the whole surface. But I did it anyways. I first cut out pictures I liked from magazines and glued them to the paper. I planned out the placement of some of the pictures but you cant plan too much because you have to take off all the pictures when you glue them down. So Yea... Not much planning. Then I took tissues and wetted them so the color would drain onto the page. I added some more pictures on top of the colors to help them stand out a bit but ended up covering those with color too. I finished it with a clear medium which makes it shiny and keeps the corners of the pictures from lifting up. 
Here's the final product:
Overall I'm very happy with it, it's cool and vibrant and colorful. I'm glad I gave collage a second chance.

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