Monday, October 7, 2013

Project 4: Phone Thingy

This idea just came to me because I have a old fake phone in my room that I bought at a Church yard sale for 2 dollars. Unlike my other art pieces thus far, this one doesn't really have much meaning. I mean, I'm sure you could make up something like "the people are trapped or consumed by the phone" or something artsy like that, but really...I just wanted to draw people in a phone. I did a lot of preplanning for this... took pictures, gathered references, put them in my sketchbook, made multiple sketches... but I wasn't really inspired by it and had to force myself to do it.


I really didn't want to do this project, but I had to get a fourth project done and ended up doing it all at home on one of the days I didn't have work. (I work a lot =.=' unfortunately.) I drew it all in pencil on a small canvas I had lying around and then traced everything in red. I then used prismacolors to color the sketch in and drew over the lines a second time with a black Bic permanent marker. because the surface was textured, the pencil and prismacolor got everywhere, it was really annoying. Once I got to school I decided to take it a step further and used water to blend out the prismacolor (mine are water-soluble). I added some shadow and ended up with this:

I think it turned out pretty well................................yup.

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