Monday, September 30, 2013

Project 2: Skeletons

The second project I decided to do was skeletons using ink. My concept was that a overpowering force was controlling beings even after death. I made the controlling persona Hitler, this idea came to me because we were learning about Nazi propaganda techniques in speeches in English class. I started drawing my favorite idea and made five thumbnails. 
I then made a final sketch of my favorite thumbnail, I liked the skeleton with the tilted head the most. I was originally going to redraw some parts and have them attached apart from the rest of the picture...but decided against it.
I then practiced using ink to shade.
These were the references i used to make my sketch.
This is my final practice with shading before I started.

I then drew the puppet on a large sheet of paper with a ink pen. I decided it wasn't complicated enough so I drew skulls along the bottom using a fake skull my class has as a reference.  
I shaded all of it, I wanted to go very dark with my values. I started making ink spots to add interest to the background.
This is my final project, overall I am very proud of it. I think it looks dark and cool and i think it has a complex underlying message. 

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