Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project 13: My insect lady

For my next concentration piece I was in a little bit of a rut. My concentration is someone being so obsessed with something that it literally consumes their body and destroys them either mentally or physically. There are a lot of things that people can be obsessed with but not all of them translate easily into the whole "taking over the body" thing. I had already done food, animals, and dolls, but what else? Insects. This is my insect Lady. I started out with a sketch, I wanted her to sort of be skipping crazily with her new grasshopper leg...
Yea...not so good. I wasn't really thrilled about my original sketch so when my teacher told us to do something inspired by steampunk, one of my favorite type of styles, I changed her design right away:

It took me a whole period to finish her design, but I'm really happy with the end sketch.
I then practiced different ways to use the prisma colors with other media.
My original plan was to use ink with the prismas to make the steam punk element stand out.
I then replicated my design on a large piece of paper and spent hours getting in the right colors. I couldn't bring myself to go over it in ink so I just darkened the background with watered down ink and blue and red prismas. Here is the end result:
The picture does not do her justice but she is a great addition to my concentration family. She fits right in to my half-anime half-realistic style and I'm pretty proud of her.

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