Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project 11: bottle

See-through bottle
For our first project this semester we were told to do a project using prisma colors to show something that is see-through. I wasn't very excited about this project because we are normally left to our own devices when it comes to projects so having something that we had to do wasn't a very welcome change. I was very uninspired by the see-through concept, so I just ended up photographing stuff in my room. Swarovski crystals, a perfume bottle, bath balls in water, none of it really interested me visually... so I just took a empty vodka bottle and filled it with water colors and ink.
This actually sort of worked for me.
I took around 20 pictures but this is the one I liked the most, so I practiced drawing it in my sketchbook with watercolor prismas

My original sketches didn't really have enough dimension so I added regular prisma colors to help with that.

After doing this I decided for my final to trace the original picture onto black paper, just because there were a lot of details I had missed in my sketches. This project took a really long time to color, and the highlights still weren't bright enough so I used a sharpie paint pen to make them brighter.

Overall, I guess this project was ok, but not my favorite. My least favorite part is definitely the hand because the black paper made it hard to make a good skin tone. My favorite is probably the bottom of the bottle because it actually looks like the bottom in the original picture.

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