Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project 7: food color water color

So this project started out as a portrait of my boyfriend using hashtags and at symbols. I thought this was a cool idea and practiced it in my sketchbook: 
I got the idea cause I drew him for a homework assignment:
But I wanted to try and draw him with a different kind of mark, hence the # and @. But in the process of making the final I rushed because I wanted to get it done but it ended up looking sloppy. I tried cutting parts of it and putting cuts of paper on and using numbers and signs to make it more interesting...it didn't work. 
But just as I was about to give up on this project, he got me flowers as a first month anniversary thing 
I was inspired to draw the flowers and decided to do it over top of the portrait. I cut up some extra paper and glued it to the top of the portrait, only leaving a little of the original showing. I then drew the flowers on top of it. 
A while back I discovered that if you mix food color and water you can use the mixture like watercolors. I used this method to paint over top the flower. If you try and do this yourself just make sure you use enough water or the surface will get sticky. The hardest part about using this medium is layering the colors. 
Here is the final project:
Overall I'm really happy with the end project, especially because it took less time than a lot of others. 

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